West Wimmera Health Service is a Victorian Public Health Service incorporated under the Health Services Act 1988.

We are bound by a Service Agreement with the Victorian Department of Health to deliver acute care, aged care, allied, disability and community health services to the communities of Nhill, Goroke, Jeparit, Kaniva, Rainbow and Natimuk.

Board of Governance

We are governed by a Board of Governance which is responsible for the effective and efficient clinical and corporate governance of WWHS and to ensure the reporting of financial and clinical status is accurate, transparent and meets Government requirements.

Board Members are appointed by the Governor in Council on the advice of the Minister for Health, usually for a three-year term and are eligible for reappointment. They are not paid for their work.

Board Vacancies and Appointments are advertised in the newspapers with access to information including necessary skills and expertise and documents.

New members receive a comprehensive Induction Manual and attend Induction Training to familiarise themselves with the health industry and West Wimmera Health Service in particular.

Members are required to participate in Board Member education, attend Seminars and Conferences to make sure they are abreast of current philosophies, trends and looming threats.

Board Members

Ms Leonie G Clarke – President
Mr Lloyd Milgate – Vice President
Mrs Therese Allen
Mr Harvey Champness
Mrs Katherine Colbert
Mrs Alexandra Hall
Mr John Millington
Mrs Ann Rogers
Mrs Delwyn Tyler
Mrs Naomi Zanker


Committees of the Board

The following Committees report directly to the Board of Governance ensuring the Board has adequate, timely material available for making informed governance decisions.
Members of all Committees are required to declare any Pecuniary Interest or Conflict of Interest in any part of the Agenda, including all Board of Governance Meetings and do not take part in discussions or voting and may be requested to withdraw for those items.

Audit & Governance

The Audit and Governance Committee undertakes the oversight of the internal auditor scope of work and performance, the Auditor-General's agent, the operation and implementation of risk management, effectiveness of management information systems, monitors compliance with laws and regulations and reports findings to the Board of Governance.


The Finance Committee advises the Board of Governance on the financial management affairs of the Service including financial management strategies, operating and capital budgets and outcomes, investments, property holding and transactions, insurance, pricing and fees, taxation, financial viability, costs and benefits of strategic options in addition to recommending to the Board the annual budget and audited accounts.


The Executive Committee is formed to deal with urgent or sensitive issues between scheduled meetings of the Board. The Executive Committee is responsible for exercising Board powers between meetings, review of the Chief Executive Officer's employment, performance and setting remuneration accordingly, representing the Service to third parties between meetings and witnessing the affixing of the Service seal.

Clinical Quality Governance

The Clinical Governance Committee is responsible for effectively monitoring and managing the quality elements relating to clinical quality, risk and safety, including professional; Clinical Credentialing and Appointments, Clinical Governance, Risk Management and Occupational Health and Safety.

Project Control Groups

Project Control Groups are established from time to time as required to oversee Capital Works projects, ensuring that budgets and timelines are met.