Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision

To pursue excellence in healthcare services by working collaboratively with our partners and embracing innovation and technology.

Our Mission

West Wimmera Health Service is committed to the delivery of health, welfare and disability services which are compassionate, responsive, accessible and accountable to individual and community needs, which result in quality outcomes for the people of the West and South Wimmera, and Southern Mallee.

Our Values

West Wimmera Health Service has core values that are upheld and translated into reality through the words and behaviours of all our staff. These values are the foundation upon which West Wimmera Health Service is built.

Strong Leadership and Management

We value our organisation and will encourage exceptional professional skills and promote collaborative teamwork to drive better outcomes for our consumers.

A Safe Environment

The safety of our staff, patients and visitors is fundamental to how we operate.

A Culture of Continuing Improvement

The delivery of superior care to our consumers motivates a culture of quality improvement in all that we do.

Effective Management of the Environment

Our Service is managed in ways which minimises our impact on the natural environment.

Responsive Partnerships with Our Consumers

We maintain a productive relationship with our communities and stakeholders through open communication, honest reporting and a willingness to embrace constructive suggestions.