Fees & Charges

All patients admitted for hospital treatment will be asked to choose whether they wish to be treated as a public patient (non-chargeable) or private patient (chargeable).

You must decide which is the best option for you, and complete a form to indicate your choice.

Public (Non-Chargeable) Patient

  • You will be treated by a  doctor or doctors nominated by the Hospital; and
  • You will not be charged for medical or hospital services; and
  • You must hold a Medicare Card or be an overseas visitor from a country which has a reciprocal health care agreement.

Private (Chargeable) Patient

  • You will be treated by a doctor of your choice; and
  • You will have priority access to a private hospital suite if that is clinically appropriate for the nature of the treatment being provided; and
  • You will face no ‘out-of-pocket’ expenses for your stay in Hospital with assistance provided by Staff to claim accounts including Doctors, Pathology and Radiology and Accommodation; and
  • The Hospital will benefit directly by being able to claim accommodation fees from your Health Insurance Fund.

Private Uninsured or Ineligible Patient

If you choose to be treated as a Private patient but do not have Health Insurance you will be responsible for payment for all accounts.

An ineligible patient is one that does not hold a Medicare Card and is not a visitor from a country with a reciprocal health care agreement which are as follows:

  • Belguim
  • Finland
  • Italy
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • Norwary
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Slovenia
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom

Inpatient charges

Same Day
Single Room – $403
Shared Room – $418
Overnight (Multi-Day)
Single Room – $821
Shared Room – $735
Outpatients – fee per encounter
Allied Health – $171

Veteran’s Affairs Patients

Patients holding a Department of Veteran’s Affairs entitlement card (Gold or White) may be eligible to be treated free of charge with costs paid by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

Please speak to our Staff if you hold a Department of Veteran’s Affairs entitlement card.

Workcover or Transport Accident Commission – Compensable Patients

Some patients are admitted as a result of work or traffic accidents, and may be treated as 'compensable patients', with any medical costs paid by a third party. Please notify staff if this applies to you.

Patients admitted under this classification will be asked to sign a Compensable Declaration form to cover the possibility that your claim for compensation may not proceed.  You will also be requested to indicate whether you wish to be admitted as a Public or Private patient in the event your claim is not accepted.

If you have any questions about using your health insurance or about hospital fees and charges please do not hesitate to ask our staff.