Freedom of Information

The Victorian Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 1982 allows you to request an individual’s health information.  It is possible to obtain copies of this information or to view original documents.

West Wimmera Health Service holds records for the following:

  • Nhill Hospital;
  • Kaniva Hospital;
  • Jeparit Hospital;
  • Rainbow Hospital;
  • Rupanyup Hospital
  • Goroke Community Health Centre;
  • Murtoa Community Health Centre;
  • Minyip Community Health Centre;
  • Iona Digby Harris Nursing Home;
  • Archie Gray Nursing Home Unit;
  • Kaniva Hostel;
  • Jeparit Nursing Home;
  • Rainbow Weeah Lodge Nursing Home;
  • Rainbow Bowhaven Hostel;
  • Rupanyup Stonehaven Nursing Home
  • Natimuk Nursing Home;
  • Allan W. Lockwood Special Care Hostel; and
  • Trescowthick House Hostel.

All applications must be in writing to:

The Freedom of Information Officer
West Wimmera Health Service
P.O. Box 231

Details on the costs and fees associated with applications, and how to make a request, can be found at:

The Act allows WWHS to refuse access to documents or information under certain circumstances. You will be advised in writing if this occurs and your right to appeal such decisions.


  • Photo identification must be sent with all applications to access medical records, eg. A photocopy of a driver’s licence or passport.
  • Where the applicant is applying for a medical record other than their own, the application must include a written authorisation formt he patient for the release of their information.
  • If the patient is deceased, the next of kin must sign the authorisation and provide evidence that they are the next of kin.

If the patient is a Child, and a Family Court Order is in place, a copy of the order must be provided.