Our Communities

Our clients and communities are diverse, ranging from new born babies through school children to elderly citizens and includes people in a wide range of occupations and lifestyles. It is hardly surprising that our work as a health service is equally diverse.

It incorporates important initiatives of Health Education, Preventative Medicine, Health Promotion, Social Work, Disability Services, Mental Illness and Community Care alongside mainstream health services. This complex amalgam of services is delivered against a backdrop of a markedly rural and remote landscape.

From the outset our ability to deliver the high levels of desired health care has meant discovering imaginative and innovative ways to overcome the challenge of distance.

By so doing, not only the physical health but also the vitality of our communities is protected and reinforced.

The range of available services is diverse and many services such as podiatry and social work which are available throughout the region, while others such as specialist surgery are only provided at Nhill Hospital. Our main services include:


  • Community Health Centre, providing nursing and health services


  • Four acute hospital beds
  • 15 aged care hostel and nursing home beds


  • Six acute hospital beds
  • 21 aged care hostel and nursing home beds


  • 41 aged care hostel and nursing home beds, including an aged care dementia unit.


  • 35 acute hospital beds
  • Specialist hospital surgery
  • Dental Clinic
  • 30 aged care hostel and nursing home beds (including specific aged care dementia and psychogeriatric care)


  • Seven acute hospital beds
  • 20 aged care hostel and nursing home beds