Private Health Benefits

Using your Private Health Insurance will benefit you and West Wimmera Health Service

We encourage patients who are admitted to our hospitals to use their Private Health Insurance. The benefits of being admitted as a Private Patient are twofold:

Patient Benefit

  • Private patients are admitted to a single room whenever possible.
  • A Private Patient Welcome Pack awaits you on arrival
  • You will be offered an ‘A la carte’ Menu
  • We assist with claims for all accounts associated with medical, pathology and radiology services 
  • If you have ‘excess’ as part of your Insurance, charges which are more than the  agreed fee will be waived guaranteeing you will not be out of pocket for any services associated with your hospital care.

Health Service Benefit

The Service is able to claim from your health insurance fund the fees associated with your stay in hospital. By doing this we are better placed able to provide premium care with the best, most appropriate and up to date equipment.