About Us

West Wimmera Health Service provides high-quality hospital care, residential aged care, disability services and community health facilities to more than 22,000 people in the West Wimmera region.

West Wimmera Health service was founded in August 1995 as a group comprising three rural hospitals. Now, with over two decades of continual growth, we are a Community Health Centre and a Disability Service, as well as providing Residential Aged Care to 146 elderly people spread across six communities. The quality and scope of the services and care we are able to provide has also experienced consistent and notable improvements since inception.

Our Priorities

Our Service is guided by the central priority of providing access to advanced, expert, modern healthcare in the nine rural communities we serve. This includes the support of local doctors and collaborative working arrangements with independent Health Care Providers to ensure the availability of General Practitioners in these rural areas.

An Ongoing Committment

We are firmly committed to maintaining and extending the quality and range of the health care we provide.

We want the people we serve to have excellent health care, available locally in modern, comfortable facilities and delivered with both expertise and compassion.

This is not a commitment that will ever end. We will continue to improve, continue to embrace innovation and continue to listen to the changing needs of out communities.

We deliver services that are compassionate, responsive, accessible and accountable to individual and community needs and which are designed to achieve quality outcomes.

A key focus in our pursuit of excellence is to embrace innovation and technology to overcome the disadvantages of remoteness in the rural areas in which we operate.

Our area covers 22,000 square kilometres including the towns of Nhill, Goroke, Jeparit, Kaniva, Minyip, Murtoa, Natimuk, Rainbow and Rupanyup and is close to internationally renowned National Parks including The Little Desert, the Grampians and Mount Arapiles the picturesque Lake Marma and the amazing Stick Shed (a massive Grain Store built using 560 tree trunks) at Murtoa.

West Wimmera Health Service is fully accredited across all disciplines including acute inpatient, residential aged care, primary and community health, home and community care including district nursing and planned activity group, disability services and radiography, providing evidence that quality care with a focus on continual improvement is practiced throughout our Service.

Acute Hospital Registered Beds:

  • Nhill – 35
  • Kaniva – 6
  • Jeparit – 4
  • Rainbow – 7
  • Rupanyup – 2

Residential Aged Care Beds (high and low):

  • Nhill – 30
  • Kaniva – 21
  • Jeparit – 15
  • Rainbow – 20
  • Natimuk – 41
  • Rupanyup – 23

Community Health is delivered to each of the following sites:

  • Nhill
  • Kaniva
  • Jeparit
  • Rainbow
  • Goroke
  • Natimuk
  • Minyip
  • Murtoa

Dental Clinics at:

  • Nhill
  • Kaniva
  • Goroke
  • Rainbow

Disability Services, incorporating State and Commonwealth programs, operate in Nhill.