West Wimmera Health Service prepares a range of regular publications and plans, covering the wide array of activities that take place in our organisation. A selection of current and back-dated publications can be downloaded from the below links.


Quality Account and Reviews

Annual and Financial Reports

Community Newsletters

Community Newsletter - March Edition

  • WWHS Community Newsletter March 2021 Edition Issue 7
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  • WWHS Community Newsletter December 2020 Edition Issue 6
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  • WWHS Community Newsletter October 2020 Edition Issue 5
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  • WWHS Community Newsletter August 2020 Edition Issue 4
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  • WWHS Community Newsletter June 2020 Edition Issue 3
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  • WWHS Community Newsletter May 2020 Edition Issue 2
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  • WWHS Community Newsletter April 2020 Edition Issue 1 
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"Is it really urgent?"

Is it really urgent thumbnail 

West Wimmera Health Service is proud to present our ‘Is it really urgent?' campaign which has been created in collaboration with the Primary Health Network.

This campaign aims to provide our communities with information about when Urgent Care services are required as well as information on alternate phone support services available in our areas.


Diversity Plan

Strategic Plan

Residential Aged Care Brochures