Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Patients of West Wimmera Health Service have rights in relation to the medical treatment they receive and the manner and care involved in delivering that treatment. There are also a number of responsibilities that patients must accept during their dealings with the Service.

West Wimmera Health Service believes that patients and other people using our services have the right to high quality and safe care and that everyone has the right to be able to access health care.

We recognise that people receiving care and people providing care all have important parts to play in achieving healthcare rights.

These rights are detailed in the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights in Victoria.

Your Rights as a Patient or ClientWhat This Means
Access – I have the right to health care.I can access services to address my healthcare needs.
Safety – I have a right to receive safe and high quality care.I receive safe and high quality health services, provided with professional care, skill and competence.
Respect – I have a right to be shown respect, dignity and consideration.The care provided shows respect to me and my culture, beliefs, values and personal characteristics.
Communication – I have a right to be informed about services, treatment, options and costs in a clear and open way.I receive open, timely and appropriate communication about my health care in a way I can understand.
Participation – I have a right to be included in decisions and choices about my care.I may join in making decisions and choices about my care and about health service planning.
Privacy – I have a right to privacy and confidentiality of my personal information.My personal privacy is maintained and proper handling of my personal health and other information is assured.
Comment – I have a right to comment on my care and to have my concerns addressed.I can comment on or complain about my care and have my concerns dealt with properly and promptly.

You have a Responsibility to:

  • Cooperate with your treating team;
  • Provide, to the best of your ability, information to assist with your treatment such as your medical history, allergies and any other relevant issues;
  • Tell us when you have questions or concerns about your care;
  • Support us in providing an environment that is safe, clean and pleasant;
  • Show respect for the people taking care of you and other users of our services;
  • Inform staff of any change to your health condition while in hospital;
  • Be responsible and accept the consequences of your choices; and
  • Pay accounts in an appropriate time and provide access to your Medicare card when required.

This information has been taken directly from the Department of Health website regarding the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights.